What is a Fire System and How Does It Work? – A Tech Blog

s a unit that consists of various audio and visual signals. These devices warn people about potential fire hazards when they detect a fire smoke, smoke or carbon monoxide in a specified area. If the device detects imminent fire, it let go a loud siren, and flashes bright lights. Know more about how the fire alarm system works.

The classic fire alarm system consists of an alarm panel that has call points, sensor bases and flashers in addition to the power supply. Smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors send signals to the control panel to warn of the potential fire. The fire alarm control panel and controls all the systems settings, instructs the sounders to emit sirens, while flashers produce intermittent flashes that warn of the fire.

To put out the flames the control panel may also switch on sprinklers. Furthermore the alarm control panel also calls relevant authorities like fire stations in order to assist in putting out the flame. The panel then triggers the backup power controller to allows the safety exit doors of the building, allowing those who need to evacuate. For more information on the fire suppression system, follow this link. etzdqasadm.