Three Things You Probably Never Knew About DUI – Dan Park Law Group

If you are intoxicated from drugs or alcohol, you could be charged with driving while impaired. The same applies to those who are beyond the limits of the consumption of alcohol, and who drive when impaired.

There are many states that have special rules on driving and alcohol that apply to driving under the influence of alcohol, or any other intoxicants. In the past, primary DUI laws have been stricter with harsher penalties when drivers are found guilty. One of the penalties is typically the loss of license. The duration and the type of the punishment, as well the suspension or loss of license, vary widely from state to state. It is possible to find your local alcohol safety organization to learn more about dui laws.

When you are making statements prior to making any statement, you must ensure you have a DUI attorney on your side should you be charged with DUI/DWI violations. If you’re choosing a drunk driving attorney make sure that they have experience handling a case like yours. If you do not choose the best lawyer for your case chances are you may go to jail.