Useful Websites You Never Knew About! – Art In The News

ted every day. With millions and millions of sites at the tips of our fingers it’s nearly impossible to comprehend even a tiny percentage of what the internet provides. The internet connects billions of users every single day, so we can connect and share our knowledge. In light of the immense amount of information available on the internet, chances are there are a lot of great websites that you’ve probably not had the chance to visit yet. The following video highlights 12 informative websites that might be among the most visited.

Virus Total is a site which instantly scans documents for suspicious and malware-ridden information. The site is completely free and will protect your system from malicious software as well as virus. Pixelr is a photo editor that is free and accessible right in your browser, is an application that allows editing photographs. It lets you add animations, alter the dimensions of your images, and add eye-catching effects to any image you wish to add. A scan of all of your Terms of Service document and highlights sections that you think are of value. It helps you avoid being forced into an agreement that isn’t clear to you. With new websites coming out daily, you are sure to discover one that is perfect for you!