Do You Have the Warning Signs of Black Mold in Your Home?

Bathroom mold removal

It is a fact of life that disasters can happen in your home. Fire damage, flood damage and water damage can all inhibit the ability to enjoy your home the way you would like to. Most jarringly, they can also lead to bigger problems down the road.

A flooded basement can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria like mold. Learn the warning signs of black mold so you can act early enough and save your home. Here are some quick facts to keep in mind as you prep your house for disaster restoration.

1. Not all water damage comes from heavy flooding. In fact, water damage can be slow and steady, as in the case of a leaky pipe. While it might costs thousands to fix down the road, you can catch it early enough and pay significantly less to repair the pipe.

2. When it comes to water damage, you pay for the long-term effects, too. Floor damage repair is one thing, but the problems water damage can put in place can be even worse. Rotting wood, rusting steel, de-laminating of plywood and most significantly black mold can be delayed effects of water damage, especially in a basement. Learn the signs of black mold and these other damaging processes so you can address them early on.

3. The class of your water damage will depend on the likely rate of evaporation based on what kind of material it affected. In other words, every situation is unique, but you will not know yours until after the water restoration services have been called in. Depending on the wet material, black mold can linger, so identifying the signs of black mold early enough can save future troubles when it comes to your home safety.

4. A sump pump can be a valuable tool for preventing flooding. However, when it fails and your basement floods, many insurance policies will not cover that cost. Some may even make you pay an additional addendum to your monthly premium. A great way to prevent this is to have your sump pump inspected to ensure it is operating correctly.

5. The signs of black mold can appear not just in flooded basements, but in the shower or sinks areas, too. If you see the signs of black mold, it is essential that you never attempt to remove it yourself. This can release spores additional spores throughout your home, making this situation even more difficult to remedy.

No matter your disaster situation, the best way to deal with it is to be prepared. Check your sump pump. Learn the signs of black mold. Most importantly, be confident in your abilities to handle the situation. For more about this, go here.

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  1. Our basement flooded last year and left rotting wood and mold in the corner. It was a costly process to get it taken care of, but the workers said we spotted it early enough to save some money.

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