Automotive Torque Wrenches

Torque calculation formula

Automotive torque wrenches are very useful tools for a variety of automotive repair applications. Most normal wrenches are too simple for more sensitive applications. The first wrench patent was granted in 1835, and wrenches have evolved for more complex applications since then. Most wrenches are made out of solid metals like steel and other alloys to make them very durable. However, many bolts and other fasteners do not need to be tightened as tightly as you can get them with a normal wrench. Some cars parts will even be damaged by excessive torque (tightening) pressure.

An automotive torque wrench allows you to tighten a bolt or other fastener to a specific pressure so that the connection will not be damaged or function improperly. Most torque wrenches are straightforward. Generally, you will twist a knob to set the pressure that you want to tighten your connection to, and as you are tightening the connection, the wrench will make a clicking noise to let you know that you have reached the pressure that you set the wrench to. New mechatronic automotive torque wrenches even have a digital display that tells you the pressure that you have adjusted your connection to as you tighten it. This makes measuring torque a lot easier. You will frequently need to measure torque if you do a lot of automotive work.

If you need or would like to get an automotive torque wrench, they are pretty common. You can buy torque wrenches from most industrial tool suppliers and home improvement stores in the US. Even if you just do DIY automotive repair and work, you will be surprised how often you will use a torque wrench. They can be very useful. You can also get torque screwdrivers, depending on the kind of screw, bolt, or other connections that you are working with. References.