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Over 43 million people went camping last year. These are not all hardy outdoorsy types who would rather sleep in the rain than on a comfortable bed, but people of all kinds. There are campsites and camping styles that will match all people interested in spending some time outdoors. These include traditional primitive tent camping sites without water or electricity for the more outdoorsy people to cabin camping and RV camping.

The best RV campgrounds will not necessarily provide the best camping experiences for everyone, but if you prefer to camp with your own trailer or RV, you will want to find the best RV campgrounds in the area you plan to visit. The best camping sites often combine different types of camping to meet the wants and needs of everyone. Especially if you are traveling with a large group, like your family, and different people have different camping goals, the best RV campgrounds will probably also have normal tent sites alongside the RV sites. Often, these campgrounds will also have cabins, especially if you are staying at a very popular destination.

Camping cabins in Louisiana can be found on Lake Charles, Louisiana, one of the more popular lake camping destinations in the state. In addition to the natural beauty of the Lake Charles area, which includes the only inland white sand beach in the entire Gulf Coast region, there are activities that you and your family can enjoy. Every year, the area hosts the Contraband Days Pirate Festival, which commemorates pirate Jean Lafitte. Camping in Louisiana and the fun that you can have while doing it is only limited by your desire to get outdoors and experience it, whether you are looking for full camping or just trying to relax in one of the best RV campgrounds in the area. Remember, always clean up your campsite when you leave. Whoever camps there next will enjoy their own adventure more if you do. References:

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  1. Are there a lot of campgrounds around Lake Charles, or is it a small lake with only a few to choose from?

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