What Micropigmentation Treatment Is Like – Swap Shop Radio

The treatment does not restore hair. However, it corrects hairline issues and returns hair to its former shape. Have a neat, tidy design that helps you look younger and more youthful. In this video, you will get an inside look so you’re able to experience doing micropigmentation is all about and consider if you’d love to have.

The first step is to decide on where your hairline ought to be. The style and hairstyle you want will be determined by your face, your head and your existing hair. A professional will assist you to make the ideal hairline. The hairline will be sketched on the head of an expert as well as making any modifications as necessary. The expert then will identify a color match for your hair. In the final step, the specialist will apply a pen of micropigmentation to apply color to the scalp. iypev7y9nk.