What is the Best Way to Install Siding – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

For the installation of new siding, type e.

The chalk line is the beginning strip. There should be an opening of 1/4 inch between the starting strip to the wall. Place the corner pieces around 3/4 inches beneath the initial strip. If you’re using vinyl soffit it is recommended to leave space for any accessories under the eaves.

Allow a 1/4-inch space between the point at which the eaves touch the outer corners of the post. The posts should sit at least 3/4 inches above the strips. Similar to the posts in the inner corners. Loosely nail and splice.

Each of the four sides of windows and doors must be cut by using J-channel. Attach the casing onto the wall. Attach both sides of the Jchannels onto the wall. Next, cut the drain tab and the drain tab to bend.

Begin by climbing around doors and windows. Nail under-sill trim to the sides of the building at the eaves. Install the top sheet with the snap lock punch. The J-channel should be secured by nailing it to the sidewall , flush with the Gable. Secure it using an exterior panel. Place it on the Gable side, and you’re in good shape. To learn everything in detail check out the complete video.