What is the Best Way to Install a Vinyl Fence – The Buy Me Blog

Lines to ensure straight lines. The length of the vinyl stake determines the holes’ depth. It is advised to drill holes 1/3 that length of stakes. It would save your life by using an cement mixer.

It is recommended to patch the corner holes and then the ends first. With the hole you previously made 2 X 4measurement, calculate the distance between two line posts.

Additionally, you can stretch the rope tightly between two ends of posts, and then align the posts’ heights. Cut the pickets if they aren’t able to fit into certain spots. Cutting tools may be required.

Install the rail on the bottom first. Then, install the C channel brackets onto the posts. Next, install each picket one by one and finish with the rail on top. When the panels have been put in and you are ready to attach the caps to complete the installation. After all the posts are in place, it’s easy to install a gate. Install heavy-duty, metal beam posts on the posts that line your gate. The concrete is still damp so that you can hit them hard. This is where you can seek help from vinyl fencing businesses. Watch the video to learn more.