What Can Temp Agencies Do for Your Business? – This Week Magazine

ideo is going to help you to comprehend the benefits from temp workers for your business. While the presenter is focused on the details that are in the document, he also examines the benefits the employees who are temp can avail. Employers have a legal responsibility to provide a temporary employee is the first. It is not required.

You are not legally responsible for the employee and therefore is not legally responsible to pay the employee’s benefits, compensation insurance or other benefits of being employed by you. The temp agency is the employer. This means that the agency is accountable for the payment of wages, insurance and all benefits it chooses to provide to the temp.

It is also possible to try the employee prior to accepting an employment offer. Many temp workers wind eventually becoming full-time workers. Also, you can ask the agency to send another temporary if they feel the candidate isn’t a suitable for the job. The temp workers you hire can help expand your business without taking on any risk. Learn more.