Tips for Loading a Vehicle onto a Flatbed Tow Truck – How to Fix a Car

Remember that first, your car’s front must not exceed 8 feet from the rear of the truck. This will give the person sufficient space to move the vehicle onto the truck. The next step is to make use of the controls on the truck to push the bed approximately 4 feet, and then to tilt it downwards on it simultaneously. The bed should be set in an angle to the vehicle. This will make it simpler to lift.

After the bed is set, it’s possible to pull the cable loose before placing it on top of the car. After that, the individual must check their vehicle to make sure it’s in park before getting under it to join the cable.

There must be a place behind the front tires to connect the cables. In the next step, one needs to connect the cables on the opposite side. Next, the person can begin to start winching the vehicle an inch. Once the winch has been secured into place, you can move the vehicle into neutral. Next, you need to bring the car all up before securing the winch to secure it for the tow. umi7w85cc3.