So Many Things to See and Do in Rochester

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Are you considering coming to Rochester to visit or even live? This city is very attractive to all generations, with many different attractions and activities. There is so much to experience that you may have a hard time deciding which ones you want to do first.

With all the great activities, you may have to list places you want to see, and then prioritize. You can find activities such as the gallery strolls. A local favorite is the event hosted at the Memorial Art Gallery by Max at the Gallery Tapas Night. Imagine strolling through Rochester galleries, all while enjoy a tasty treat or two.

If you are looking for other taste treats, you might want to enjoy the Chili Farmers Market. At this Rochester market you can also pick up fresh ingredients that will let you create your next culinary masterpiece.

You may want to enjoy several of the annual events that happen in Rochester. For instance, you can enjoy the ever popular Rochester Rib Fest. This flavorful event also features the musical Blues Fest. Enjoy tons of great barbeque flavors, all while listening to the musical offerings of local and national jazz and blues musicians and groups.

Check out the Park Avenue Summer Art Festival. This is a juried art show that also includes food vendors and wonderful live entertainment. Then there is the Rochester Corn Hill Arts Fest. This is a two day festival that showcases music, artists, and an international food court with food from around the world. During this event, you can view beautiful Rochester homes that line the streets where this spectacular event takes place.

Other great events in Rochester include the Windstream Party in the Park series, the Lilac Festival, and the 100 Days of Entertainment.

There are many ways to find all sorts of events happening in Rochester. You can find Rochester NY forums that will provide great reviews and information about Rochester events. These forums can also give you great local information about living, working, or vacationing in this city. Just get ready to jot down all the events into your calendar so you will not miss any of the excitement.
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