Pros and Cons of Complementary and Alternative Medicine – Family Issues

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a. Reiki

Reiki is an treatment that relies on touches to encourage healing. Practitioners place their hands on the patient’s body and body parts in particular hand position. Reiki is said to help in the treatment of anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

b. Therapeutic touch

The practitioner utilizes his or her hands to restore balance to the energy field of the client with the therapeutic use of touch. The aim of therapeutic touch is to help promote relaxing and healing. It is a way to reduce tension and pain. What is crucial to be aware of is the fact that the professional will not physically touch the client’s body. They instead hover their hands over the client’s body.

c. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an alternative medicine utilized over the years. It involves inserting tiny needles in the skin at specific locations. By inserting needles at these locations (meridians thought to be energies flow pathways) is said to promote health and balance. Acupuncture has been used in the treatment of discomfort associated by various illnesses. As an example, treatment for endodontia can result in different degrees in postoperative pain or discomfort. The treatment can help by the use of acupuncture.

For the highest quality acupuncturist services, you should make an appointment with a licensed med spa. It is not just a way to ensure that you are getting top-quality care however, it could also