Learn How to Diagnose and DIY Your Refrigeration Repair – DIY Projects for Home

r basic tips before moving towards more difficult repairs.
Verify that the fridge is powered and connected. Once you’ve opened the door, the light will be on.
Verify that the thermostat is in fact not set all the down. The thermostat in your fridge or freezer may not be functioning properly.
Check that the vents at both sides of your freezer don’t get overshadowed by ice cream bottles or frozen vegetables–cold air needs to circulate, so the vents should be open.
On the inside or behind the fridge Vacuum the coils. Filtrated coils may cause inadequate cooling.
Verify that the fan runs free and does not be blocked (models that do not have coils on the back will not contain one). Plug your refrigerator in, then get it off. Make sure the blades are cleaned by spinning the refrigerator by hand. Check that the refrigerator is connected to the power source. Follow these steps to change the fan in case it doesn’t begin.
Keep watching these videos for additional tips for refrigeration repair. 4blffghosd.