How to Repair an Oil Filter Housing Leak – NASCAR Race Cars

This video will help you determine the cause of your motor’s leak and the best way to resolve it.

The video goes into detail the actions you must take in order for your oil to be able to stop leaks. It begins by showing how the block is mounted on the block. The video describes where the oil filters sit and also where the two cooler lines are going to be. The video also provides a reason the reason why your M20 has started to leak. The video will demonstrate how to attach the seal onto the rear of the motor. Also, you will require the seal , as well as the washer for the main bolt. If you wish to make use of them, first remove the bolt.

The kit will not be required. housing kit for your oil filter. This video will show you how to take out the seals and put in the replacement parts. The seals will not leak. b4wz3ofzu9.