Grow Your Business With Cutting Edge SEO Services

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In the world of internet marketing, businesses achieve their goals by generating website hits. Over one third of marketers consider search engine optimization services to be a highly effective way to generate leads. For business to business transactions, more than 55 percent of marketers assert that SEO plays the most crucial role in lead generation.

As we all know, the reason that SEO is gaining traction across all industries can be tied directly to the monumental growth of internet shopping, and to the fact that every business wants to capitalize on that growth. In 2012, approximately 80 percent of Americans had daily access to the internet; and nearly 80 percent of those people made at least one purchase online during the previous 12 months. Last year, Americans spent more than 200 billion dollars online, and marketing experts predict that number to exceed 325 billion dollars by 2016.

While there is plenty of online marketing opportunity out there, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to take advantage of those opportunities without the help of SEO companies. An SEO company will offer its clients a variety of online marketing tools and strategies, but one of the most popular and cost effective services is pay per click management.

The earliest version of Pay per click, or PPC, was developed by a division of Packard Bell in 1996. By 1997, several hundred major companies were paying between 5 and 25 center per click. PPC was introduced on Google in 2002, and has since remained popular among businesses, both for its effectiveness, and for its excellent return on investment.

Given the fact that over 90 percent of internet activity begins with a search engine, pay per click management can earn businesses more than 20 dollars of revenue for each dollar they invest in PPC. And since businesses actually do pay per click, PPC is particularly effective for small businesses. Since the nature of PPC requires tracking the number of clicks, it is also useful as a method of measuring the effectiveness of an advertisement.

As Web search engines like Google continue to change, SEO strategies must follow its cues in order to remain effective. Despite the introductions of Panda, Penguin, and now, Hummingbird, PPC remains popular among businesses across all industries. Considering its effectiveness and fantastic ROI, its popularity really is no surprise.

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  1. It’s interesting that PPC isn’t more effective than it is. I am “guilty” of this as well, but why do so many people AVOID clicking on the paid links? There really isn’t anything particularly spammish or scammish about it.

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