What is Lemon Law? What Happens When You Win? – Community Legal Services

The process took several times (see in the film). The manufacturer must provide a refund or replacement if the problem isn’t fixed in the first attempt by the manufacture.

Lemon laws affect cars as well as motorcycles, trucks and many other kinds of vehicles. Additionally, you can find state lemon laws. Every state has their own regulations and rules. In most states, they will look at whether the car had significant repairs in the first year. Lemon lawyers may assist you should this be the case.

How can you be successful?

If a person prevails in their lemon law case against the manufacturer. In that case the winner will either receive a new car of identical make and model or a full refund of the vehicle, as well as any expenses that are incurred as a result of the defective vehicle (repairs or maintenance.). In some instances, manufacturers could offer cash in exchange of a new vehicle or return the money. For more details, contact home!