What Are the Pros and Cons of Hydroseeding? – Benro Properties

installation of sod seems to be a fast repair for the grassless lawn. Grass seems to be difficult to develop and placing patches of grass in order to establish roots into place seems much quicker than everything else. This isn’t always true, as this video shows.

One of the best alternatives to installing sod is to use hydroseeding. It will dramatically enhance an area. It is performed by professionals and provides the foundation for grass that is healthy. This could be an enormous savings of about 75% over laying sod.

It is a process that requires patience when hydroseeding. Hydroseeding’s effects begin to show up after the grass has begun to develop. This requires more work to ensure that the grass stays healthy and rooted. It is worth it in order to ensure a green lawn by hydroseeding. It isn’t something you’ll be able to tackle on your own but it is a sign that experts can assist. You are more likely to avoid being unable to do the job correctly, or even causing delays.