Three Tips to Get Your Blogger Layout Looking Its Best

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Blogger may not be the most popular blogging platform at the moment, but it has a dedicated following besides the backing of Google itself. Blogger users love the platform because of its simplicity and integration into other Google products. Blogging for cash is easier with Google ad sense built in, so many people choose to use Blogger when they want to be making money from blogs.

However, for a blog to make money, you need good content, and a good looking blog. If you need blogger layout help, here are some Blogger tips. If you are new to the platform, you may be wondering how you can edit the layout to make it more appealing. Did you know that you can change the layout without any coding? Of course, if you have HTML or CSS knowledge you could make some advanced changes. Here are three tips for Blogger layout help, both simple and advanced.

  1. Rearrange.
  2. Blogger makes it very simple to drag and drop elements of whatever template you have chosen. You can choose to move things like your banner, advertisements, categories, archives, and more. The only things that you cannot move are the navbar, blog posts, and at times your header depending on the template.

  3. Edit.
  4. Once you understand HTML or CSS, you can make some advanced changes to your Blogger layout. First, learn the page element tags, as well as the tags for fonts and colors. Blogger makes it very simple once you find the code for those page elements, each element is a one-line placeholder. On these one-liners, you can use a drop down to display the full codes and edit them.

  5. Add.
  6. If you think your Blogger layout is looking a little sparse, you can add gadgets and widgets such as a Google +1 button, a Google+ badge, or even a translator. There are even hundreds of gadgets developed by other individuals and companies that you can add to make your layout standout.

These Blogger hints and tips will be useful if you need Blogger layout help. Now, with a good looking blog, you can get started on writing articles, and attempt blogging for cash. Remember to rearrange elements, edit code, and add gadgets as needed to make your layout exactly as you want it to be.