Improve Your Home’s Value by Replacing Your Garage Doors’ Windows!

Fix broken window glass

Most people just see their garage as a place to shove the grill, gardening tools, or bikes in, and not necessarily as the important home accessory that it is. Having a nice garage can actually increase your home value. A garage with lots of storage can be a huge pull and increase your property value, but if dilapidated it can do just the opposite!

One great way to take care of your garage is to make sure the garage doors windows are care for. Apart from cleaning the interior and exterior of your garage, as well as doing any repairs to the structure, garage doors windows are a vital part. If broken, they can let in any burglars, precipitation or debris that will ruin the garage’s contents.

This is why either replacing your garage doors windows with Aquapel treated windows, or if unbroken having them treated, is such a good idea. Aquapel glass treatment makes your garage doors windows easier to keep clean from dirt and other contaminants like ice, snow, and bugs from the glass.

Replacing or repairing your garage doors windows might also help heat your home if it’s been drafty lately (and if the garage is attached). If your home feels too cold during winter, even with the heat on, or if your windows rattle on windy days, then perhaps you need to look at replacing your old garage doors windows with an energy efficient window replacement. These are low emissivity glass, also known as e glass, which are treated with a special coating on their surface that reduces the radiant heat transfer. Another sign that you may need to replace your garage doors windows is if the panes collect condensation, ice or frost.

Your garage is an important asset. High efficiency windows are a great way to improve the value of your home. Fixing broken windows or replacing them can also save you money on energy bills. If you have any questions about replacing or fixing your garage doors windows, feel free to ask in the comments!