How to Locate Your Drain Clog – Home Repair and Renovation Digest

Create art by immersing each drain separately and then vigorously for approximately 30 minutes. If it doesn’t work continue with the next technique.

2. Make sure you have a P-Trap in place: The p-trap is a curved pipe in each sink. It collects the debris, preventing it from entering through the drain. In order to find any obstructions in the supply of water, you must remove the p trap , and then examine it. Clear any obstructions off the drain line, and then place them back.

3. Use Snake the Drain plunging and checking your p-trap fails it is advisable to find a better solution. is to use a snake. The method involves inserting a rod of metal made of steel coiled into the drain. Once it has reached the blockage, rotate the rod until the end. The process will clear any obstructions or break them up so the water flows again.

If you’ve managed to locate the blockage and eliminated it, take preventative measures, such as regular cleaning with baking soda and vinegar or the use of an enzyme cleanser to keep your pipes clean in the future. If nothing else works, call a plumber for emergency drain cleaning services.