A Guide to Natural Veneer Stone Installation – Ohio Landscaping and Tree Service News


The pieces have an appearance that is similar to natural stone. After installation it is impossible to tell apart from stones that are solid. Here are some tips on how to put in stone veneers.

* Calculate materials

Before starting the installation, you need to calculate the quantity of stone needed to be used for the project of stone veneer. It is essential to calculate how much stone you will require as well as the amount of mortar.

* Prepare the Surface

Making the surface ready is essential to ensure that water damage is not a problem. One thing to ensure is that your stone veneer project remains solid and sturdy during its installation.

* Scratch Coat

It is also necessary to use an additional scratch coat in the event that a metal lath employed. This step is not necessary when you apply the stone veneer on concrete or masonry.

* Preparation of Stones to be used for Installation

When you start the veneer stone installation You must be aware. Plan the arrangement, then trim the stone, and then clean it.

* Installation

It is now possible to install grout in order for making your home appear amazing.