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A growing number of people are intrigued by games servers. YouTube’s video “Managing multiplayer games servers” will show you how to handle complex servers that offer a great gaming games for all gamers around the world. Find out more!

With a myriad of multiplayer game hosting options, Google Cloud Game Servers has been around for a while. Agones is one of these alternatives. It is able to create servers in one Kubernetes Cluster. Cloud Game Servers located over Agones give you power and the ability to host multiple clusters. You can connect clusters from Google Cloud to others from hybrid to multi-could, allowing you freedom from single cloud service providers.

You have control and ability to modify the server since you are able to access it via the Kubernetes cluster. A different advantage is the fact that it offers incredible features as well as a user-friendly interface to operate, manage and alter anything you’d like. Cloud-based servers include a number of items. The first is a Kubernetes cluster which runs Agones and is registered with Google Game Servers.

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