How Do You Asphalt Seal Your Own Driveway? – Teng Home

This video will teach you how you can accomplish it.

Start by removing any debris and vegetation from the road and its borders. The plants that grow within cracks must be eliminated. Clean your driveway with a power washer to eliminate the dirt and other debris.

After the driveway has dried to a complete degree, it is possible to use crack-filling solutions to seal the cracks. Don’t worry about matching colors at this point; it will all be covered by the next step.

Then, you can use a big brush or clean push-style broom to apply sealant along the perimeter that are of the road. This is a crucial step. After the area you’re sealing has been defined, dump approximately two gallons onto the middle driveway. Use a squeegee to push the sealant towards one edge. After that, you can use the squeegee to pull back all the fluid that’s left onto the driveway, smoothing out the top layer. az1jviaqft.