Best Ways to Get Children Prepared For School

Island lake baby day care

Interestingly, daycare and preschool can help children develop socially, personally, economically and emotionally. Child care facilities are abundant in the United States, and offer parents the option of leaving their kids in a safe and reputable place while they go to work.

The beginning of the day care movement originated with the welfare and reform movements of the late 1800s. The first established day care center in America was the New York Day Nursery, which started in 1854. Today there are over 250,000 day care centers throughout the United States, so parents have ample options for child care.

Interestingly, about four fifths of kids spend some time in day care by age four. Different families have different schedules and responsibilities. Some parents prefer to have one parent stay at home and raise the child, while other parents work full time and rely on day care facilities to take care of their kids before and after school and when other work responsibilities come up.

Amazingly, by the age of three, a toddler will have developed around 1,000 trillion connections between the cells in his or her brain, which is around twice as many as the average adult. On that note, day care makes a huge difference as it can help to foster the intellectual growth of children and stimulate their learning. While a day care center typically does not teach history or arithmetic or school subjects, children learn social skills there by socializing with their peers.

At the end of the day, child care centers provide an invaluable service to parents and children alike. The only hitch in an otherwise perfect solution is the challenge of finding a suitable child care facility. One way to make it easier is to use a search engine, however. If you live in Lake Zurich, Illinois, for example, you would search “preschool Lake Zurich” or “daycare Lake Zurich.” There are a plethora of reviews that can help parents find the best place to help their children get ready for the formative school years.