What Is It Like Living With a Vision Disorder? – Free Health Videos

Find other methods that aren’t in the conventional ways to assist you move. If you’ve always driven, you need to find new ways, such as carpooling, public transportation, or taxis. Your eye doctor or support group will be able to tell you whether they have organizations that provide transportation services for those who are disabled or elderly.

Establish a social network who can assist you with your circumstances. This could be the support group of others who suffer from the same condition or family and friends. These relationships are able to have a significant influence on your daily life and dramatically improve it. The degree of your illness, hobbies, and lifestyle influence how you live your daily life. You might require adjustments to your method of living. While the process can be slow, difficult, and sometimes painful, you are able to recover your independence.

The changes you’ll need to make in order to adjust to living with a Vision Disorder

List things you enjoy doing

Consider making changes that will help you manage your daily activities

Add low-vision aids or adaptive technology to improve your eyesight.

Pay attention on the following areas:


It’s astonishing how your daily life could be affected by eye disorders when it comes lighting. If you’re having trouble seeing it is essential to get all help you can get in focusing on the objects. This is why you have to:

Place lighting far from your eyes, and focus your attention on the object

In addition, add lighting to areas in which your eyes can’t reach adequately, like flooring lamps.

Window blinds are a great way to adjust the amount of sunlight from the sun that is required at any given time.

Make sure you properly light areas that could be hazardous for example, stairs and long corridors.


Your ability to distinguish the colors of objects is yet another aspect of understanding how life can be impacted by the sight bbgcjn51q4.