The Secret to Car Engine Repair – Rad Center

A secret that mechanics are not divulging to you. You can restore your car’s existence by following the Youtube instructional video “Doing this will fix Any Car Engine”. Find out more!

Video footage of a car in which excessive heat caused it to stop its air conditioning. It happens because the vehicle’s computer automatically turns off the cooling system to keep it from heating up further. If the cooling system in your car stops working, that’s the first thing you must fix. Examine the level of coolant. In this video, the level is low. It indicates there’s been a leak.

The team had to replace the cooling core valve after digging. It is essential to follow all the steps that are shown in the video in order to do it correctly. After you’ve done that then fill up the coolant once more after which turn on the engine as well as the air conditioner. For a check to see if the temperature has been improved, you’ll need to keep running the car for 10 to 15 minutes.

For more information about engine maintenance, look over the remaining video.