Outfit Your Pet with a Custom Engraved Tag

Plastic pet tags

Customized and engraved pet ID tags are cute little collar tags that pets can wear without harm or bother. These plastic pet tags or metal personalized pet tags feature information that is chosen by the customer to include personal messages, information about medical conditions or dietary restrictions.

They are made to order and are especially charming when engraved, embossed, personalized and reflective. Engraved pet tags are sold on the market in a range of different colors and styles. Depending on the pet that will be wearing the engraved pet tags the owner may tailor it to the particular pet. They can come in bone, mouse, round, square, heart shapes and many other styles and shapes. They cost as little as $3 most places, but can cost as much as $20 depending on how elaborate the design or how unique pet tags are.

Large tags may have up to five lines of information and small may have just three lines of text. Engraving can be done on both sides of tags. Many people choose to have the pet’s name on one side and pertinent information on the other. Tags typically feature engraved art work and logos of the customer’s choice. All etchings and engravings are done by laser or by using an engraving tool and both kinds of engraved pet tags are available on the market.

Engraved pet tags are wear proof for any pet and are made to withstand any conditions. Because having information about the pet is important in case the pet is ever lost, injured or stolen, these engraved pet tags have to be able to hold up and maintain their integrity. The text on the tags usually contains phone numbers and vet or medical info that can be helpful if the animal is ever in danger. Having owner information is also important for retrieval if need be. Because a person’s pet matters, providing the pet with an engraved pet tag shows they care. Some people even go as far as listing a reward on the tag if the pet is ever missing.

These lightweight engraved pet tags come in stainless steel, aluminum and plastic as they are the most durable, scratch and break resistant materials. They can also be reflective pet tags that are great for times when the animals are outside at night. They reflect headlights to make drivers aware of their presence as well as streetlights and flashlights for those who are out looking for their missing furry friends. Reflective pet tags are a great addition to the engraved pet tags because they can enable the pet to be seen from a distance when light strikes the medallion.

These novel engraved pet tags have been popular for decades and for good reason. They help people find their beloved pets and can save a pet’s life. And they are fun and look good, too, when secured on a collar.

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  1. I never thought I would lose my dog, or that he would become lost. If I had a pet tag on him, he may have been returned safely or I would have an answer possibly about his whereabouts. Instead I’m filled with sorrow and guilt.

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