Mapping The Difference Between Landlord and Renters Insurance – Home insurance Ratings

It’s a topic which landlords as well as renters frequently ask.

In this short video we will explain what the differences are between renter’s insurer and landlord insurance.

It is important to keep in mind is that they are not the same thing. The landlord is the one who owns the insurance, while the tenant is required to have insurance. The landlord insurance is only for the landlord. If the property is damaged by the property caused by the renter it will be the responsibility of the landlord to take care of the damage.

However it is possible for landlord insurance to protect certain fittings and appliances within a home rented to a tenant. If you’re a renter and you are unsure of what is covered in the policy, make sure to check with your landlord to find out.

There are many benefits to investing in renters insurance one reason is the event of damage or loss of your items. You could be covered for the replacement of your items if you have home insurance. 1ygnpxq5ho.