Important Facts About Social Security in Florda

Survivors of abuse

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 54 million Americans who qualify as disabled when it comes to social security benefits. Tens of thousands of American veterans are disabled as a direct result of their service. Social security disability benefits in Florida are broken into two main groups; the elderly and the disabled.

The Elderly

Social security claims in Florida mostly go toward its elderly residents. Over 90 percent of Floridians over 65 receive SSA benefits. In 2010, their average benefits were $13,824 per year. That works out to slightly under $1,200 a month. That may not seem like very much, but to one-third of Floridians in this age group, SSA benefits are their only source of income. Subsequently, if social security benefits were to go away, more than one million elderly Floridians would suddenly become impoverished.

Military Disabled

The Social Security Administration criteria for being categorized as disabled are three fold. First, you must be unable to do the work you did before. Second, the SSA has decided that you are unable to adjust to a new type of work. Lastly, your disability is a chronic condition that is not expected to disappear and may result in death.

One of the main causes of disability in the United States is active military service. According to the Huffington Post, more than 50,000 Americans were wounded as a result of our engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan. As the U.S. Census Bureau points out, $36.3 billion is paid out annually to veterans for their benefits. However, that is not enough.

The Issue

The number of Americans who will reach age 65 within the next two decades has grown by over 31% in the last ten years. The Social Security Administration is being pulled to its limits. This is one reason why many of our men and women in uniform are not receiving their due. If you are looking for legal help for veterans, there is a social security disability attorney in Florida that may be able to help you.

The Facts

According to Veterans United, almost 50% of veterans are now having to wait 50 days or longer for a mental health assessment. By that time, PTSD and other wounds of war may have taken their toll. A social security disability attorney, preferably an experienced veterans lawyer, can help you to push for punitive damages. The fact is survivors of abuse of this kind deserve to get what they deserve in SSA disability benefits and, possibly, added benefits from the government ignoring their immediate needs. Note, however, that past success does not equal future victory.

Finding Help

If you have been denied proper medical care or social security benefits in Florida after serving your country, contact a social security disability attorney who can help you get what you are owed. Services like the National Veterans Legal Services Program exist specifically to help vets in need. Do not let this abuse go on. Find someone who may be able to help you today. Links like this.

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  1. It took them 67 days to get my husband the mental health review that he was in desperate need of. Who’s to say how much they could have helped him by treating him sooner?

  2. It took them 67 days to get my husband the mental health review that he was in desperate need of. Who’s to say how much they could have helped him by treating him sooner?

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