How Huntingtons Seniors Can Comfortably Age in Place – Healthy Huntington

At an advanced age the majority of people don’t like the idea of having to move into a new home and have to begin the process all over again. Transferring your parents to an older home like an assisted living center, is expensive. You will have to pay more for the care of your parent, and the cost can increase if the parent requires additional help by a staff member of the nursing department. This extra expense can put significant stress on your family , as it typically is not included in insurance plans and might not be a perfect scenario than you imagined. Long-term and nursing homes may not be up to the standard your loved ones get used to and can leave the residents unhappy.

Here are some helpful tips that can help you parents aging in their current residence.

Consider the design of your house

Give your loved one the best chance for success by changing how their living space is set up, making it more comfortable for someone to get older. Home with stairs could be a real challenge as a loved one ages, and mobility issues become more serious. There is a lot of difficulty for senior citizens to go up staircase several times a day, especially if they are struggling with backs or knees. The best option is to move your elderly person’s bedroom downstairs, when there’s already a space or bedroom that could be converted into one. It is now possible for the senior to live in the main floor without being able to move about as much. If the home is already situated on one floor, you can consider other options to make it more secure and more convenient for your elderly individual to walk around. If your flooring is slippery, swap the surface to a non-skid floor. For your bathroom to stay steady, add grab bars. gwuaw4jad7.