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International workers compensation

Are you a longshore and harbor worker who has suffered an illness of injury on the job? If so, you probably qualify for workers compensation benefits under the Longshore Compensation Act, first introduced in 1927. At the moment, the minimum wage compensation rate for people who collect benefits under the Longshore Compensation Act is $323.80, though there are a number of individuals, as good DBA lawyers can explain to you you, get much more than that.

The Longshore Compensation Act protects 500,000 injured and sick workers whose health problems began in United States navigable waters or on adjacent land. If you have been hurt or gotten sick, one you have reported the issue to your supervisor, you should contact DBA lawyers to represent you in regards to your maritime claims. Defense Base Act attorneys are qualified to help you navigate the bureaucracy, and the Defense Base Act has claimant friendly provisions in regards to attorney fees. Your DBA lawyers will work hard to make it possible for you to receive all of the compensation benefits you deserve without soaking you for DBA lawyers fees.

You will find your DBA lawyers to be knowledgeable about every aspect of the Defense Base Act. For example, your DBA lawyers can walk you through how and by whom your benefits will be paid. Typically, Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act benefits are disbursed to claimants via an authorized, self insured employer. As well, the Longshore compensation program has more than $2.8 billion held in reserve as a means of ensuring that benefits for injured workers will not run out due to of employer insolvency. Your DBA lawyers can keep you informed in regards to all of this minutia.

Of course, you do not have to be the injured longshorman collecting longshore harbor workers compensation benefits to obtain help from a DBA lawyers. If you are the wife, husband, or child of a longshoreman who was mortally wounded on the job, a DBA lawyers can assist you, too. Mortal injuries are classified as special cases under the DBA. One benefit for families of deceased longshore workers is a pay out for reasonable funeral expenses up to $3,000. Loved ones also receive benefits that are calculated based on average weekly wages of the deceased worker. A DBA lawyers does an excellent job of representing the legal interests of family members who have tragically lost a longshoreman.