Five Fun Facts About Cars

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Everybody knows that sitting in traffic is boring, stressful, and causes lots of people to lose their temper. However, many do not realize how much time people actually spend stuck on crowded highways and roads. According to, the average American will spend 2200 hours a year stuck in traffic. Because of that, every driver will need to have their favorite radio stations or iPod handy so that they can listen to fun music or get news updates about their favorite topics. For many, especially car lovers, listening to automotive radio is the best way to pass the time. The best car talk radio shows will feature many fun facts to help get drivers through a tough traffic jam.

Jesus Christ Drives?

If an auto radio car show provides lots of fun facts, they might make a point to mention that, in California, there have been six licenses registered to drivers named Jesus Christ. While they might not be holy, it certainly is fun to think about Jesus behind the wheel.

Ferari’s Exclusivity

For the most part, Feraris are a luxury item that most people just can’t afford. However, so few people actually can that the company only builds 14 cars a day. This helps keep demand high and certainly contributes to their mystique.

Priciest Car

Sometimes, classic cars are far more expensive than even the hottest new Ferarri. The most expensive car ever sold is the 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe. It was purchased for a staggering $8.7 million. For comparison, a 2013 Ferrari California has costs about $200 thousand.

The Biggest Limo

If a traveler has a long trip and they want to spend their time riding in style, they might think about renting a limo. However, they are not likely to choose the “Midnight Rider.” It weighs more than 50 thousand pounds, holds 40 passengers, and has three lounges and a bar.

Who Invented Windshield Wipers?

When thinking about early car designers, Henry Ford likely comes to mind, and when it comes to mechanics, a man with greasy hands is likely the first image to pop up. However, windshield wipers were actually invented by an American woman named Mary Anderson, who was originally from Alabama.

There are all kinds of interesting facts that a listener might hear on automotive radio programs. This is especially true for ones that aren’t geared towards providing mechanic tips or product release information. They can be a fun resource for anyone stuck in traffic.

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  1. I dont think that stat about the Bugatti is right…race cars cost like 5 times that much lol

  2. I dont think that stat about the Bugatti is right…race cars cost like 5 times that much lol

  3. I dont think that stat about the Bugatti is right…race cars cost like 5 times that much lol

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