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Did you know that periodontal disease is the most common disease among American children? Actually, it gum disease is the most common disease among all toothed Americans, regardless of their ages. Fortunately, cutting-edge dental technologies, such as cosmetic dental implants, can give anyone the good looks they have always wanted. Of course, this can only occur after problems like tooth decay and gingivitis have been properly treated by a licensed dental professional.

Apparently the typical kid, smiles somewhere around 400 times a day. Although the source wasn’t provided, it would be nice to know who actually sat around to watch enough children to smile for entire days at a time to collect enough of a sample to back up such a claim. Even though it doesn’t specify the source of the above statistics, American children must have been the subject of said study, for many children around the world have much to smile about once, let along 400 times within a 24 hour day.

While children in American smile more than adults do, American adults smile quite a bit as well. Therefore, it is in their best interests to make sure that they have healthy smiles, for American society is a fickle bunch that discriminates heavily upon looks. Basically, if your personal look deviates from the “standard” of attractiveness, you will never get the job, promotion, or grades over more “classically” attractive peers or colleagues.

If you have cruddy or unattractive teeth, at least you have the good fortune of living during an era when the cost of cosmetic dentistry is more accessible to average Americans than ever before. Even better, cosmetic dental implants, veneers, denture, and braces are longer-lasting and better looking that the cosmetic dentistry methods of yesteryear.

It has been claimed that around 99% of Americans consider a good smile to be a valuable social asset. Considering that we are judged by our appearance all day, every day, this shouldn’t be surprising. Thus, why continue going through life with a dingy smile with rotten, broken, or missing teeth when mini dental implants, teeth whitening, and other types of cosmetic dental procedures could potentially change your life for the better?

Given the accessibility of popular cosmetic dental procedures, almost anyone can have a full set of straight white teeth. Even if a patient cannot pay cosmetic dentistry costs all at once, many top dentists offer manageable payment plans. What’s stopping you?

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