Common Plumbing Repairs Every Homeowner Should Know – NC Pool Supply

If you’re an elf, it is important that every homeowner knows how to repair plumbing.

Common plumbing repairs:

Leaks (for IPS joints) – if the pipe isn’t broken or is in a bad state, you can fix leaks through two options. The first is by using Teflon tape, taking the pipe that needs sealing, and wrapping the Teflon the tape three times, and in some cases, it’s adequate to stop leaks.

It is also possible to use pipe dope, or a pipe thread sealing product. Make use of a brush, and wrap the thread using a the thin film of plastic. This procedure is applicable to the IPS joint. Don’t tighten the pipe too excessively, otherwise the threads are destroyed.

For soldered joints, a leak in the soldered joint may be due to a poorly soldered joint or simply corrosion due to old age. You can fix a leak within a joint that is soldered by taking a piece of pipe and installing a new joint. Sometimes, fixing the leak can be helpful for only several days or weeks however, replacing the soldered joint would take years before it could be replaced or based on the use it gets. kobkaymluv.