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Simple tasks such as getting radio channels on or listening to navigation making calls can be difficult, to even think about. On top of that costs for antenna repairs is just as difficult to handle. It may not break the financial budget but there could have other items you would rather spend your money. If you have some direction and a few tools, you might be able fix it yourself!

It is likely that you have the majority of the tools that are required: the drill, pliers as well as bolt wrench. The soldering iron can also be required, however, it’s much less popular. Even though you could get an affordable one, it’s worth the price of repair. You will also need proper equipment for safety, like protective gloves as well as safety glasses.

It’s a fact that if you do not have proper experience with electrical tools, never try to repair your own antenna. If you’ve had experience and you are willing to learn the process and safety measures, only then would you consider doing this. The video will show you how to proceed and assist you determine which method is best for you.