Basic Home Fire Safety Measures Anyone Can Take – Discovery Videos

Make sure that flammable substances are kept inside clearly labeled and sealed containers away from food storage facilities and eliminate everything that contains flammable liquids out of their containers only to be used immediately. Be sure to keep all rags and other things which could ignite fires in a safe place. You can also get rid of old paint from the store where you purchased it. Basic safety tips help keep your family as well as your home safe from fire hazards.

Create Space Heaters that Work for You

Space heaters are an important component of fire safety for homes. Space heaters are common appliances which many people use to heat their homes. If not used properly the space heaters could cause fires in the house.

You should not place space heaters next to any materials that can ignite such as curtains furnishings, bedding, clothes or bedding. Certain space heaters have an overheating protection device, that shuts down the heater automatically off if it overheats. If you encounter this issue, turn off your space heater. Check for damage before replacing the heating element prior to resetting the heater. An unrepaired heating element may spark a fire. Never use your space heater in close proximity to water. Do not take your space heater outside to dry a room or for heating unventilated areas. Use your three-prong space heater only at an outlet that is grounded.

Space heaters shouldn’t be used while you head to bed or wander around the house. When the temperature drops lower than 65 degrees F don’t use a portable electric heater. Instead, you should purchase an oil-filled heater that will keep warm for hours.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you can safely use the space heater, you can consult your owners manual or company that makes the. Make sure that you’re investing properly in safety measures for fire.