Say “So Long” to That Gap-Toothed Grin!

Written by Blogger Help on September 6, 2013. Posted in Dental cleanings, Dental veneers, Porcelain veneers kirkland

Kirkland cosmetic dentist

Did you know that about three quarters of Americans believe that a bad smile can adversely affect their career trajectories? Perhaps that is the reason why nearly half of cosmetic dentistry patients are 40 or younger, because they realize that having a perfect, white smile could lead to lucrative professional careers!

When you consider that nylon floss and the nylon bristled toothbrush were not invented until after WWII, it is hard to believe just how far contemporary cosmetic dentistry has come. The dental technologies of today are so advanced that dental veneers and dental crowns are almost impossible to identify from natural teeth.

Perhaps the best news about modern dental crowns and veneers is that they can last for years. In fact, when they are properly cared for, dental crowns can last for 5