Three Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Written by Blogger Help on September 6, 2013. Posted in Kitchen renovations, Vancouver bathroom

Modern kitchen ideas

If you are looking to add a touch of modernism to your home, a kitchen remodel can accomplish this. While it is important to find a good balance between adding your own personal touch and achieving the highest ROI possible, it is also imperative that a kitchen remodel should never cost more than one fifth of the value of your home. Kitchen renovations can come in all shapes and sizes, as there is no one way to remodel every kitchen. The following kitchen renovation ideas, however, will offer you a helpful place to start.

1. Maximize kitchen space. In order to accomplish this, several techniques can be utilized. An island or peninsula with hinged, drop down sections, for example, will free up counter space. Even something as simple as a slim spice rack can allow you to organize your spices, as well as take advantage of unused space. Cabinets that are eight feet tall, if your ceiling can accommodate them, are also a good way to open up more space in spots where cabinets would normally go.

2. Kitchen resurfacing. Instead of purchasing brand new kitchen cabinetry, many people choose to resurface their cabinets instead. During the process of kitchen resurfacing, the doors, fronts, and any other visible parts of your cabinets are refaced with an entirely new material and color. By doing this, you can give your kitchen a new look without having to spend the time and money on new cabinetry.

3. Lighting. Choosing the right lighting for your kitchen can open it up and make it feel more welcoming. While general lighting is commonly seen in kitchens, since it illuminates the entire kitchen, accent lighting is more particular in what it chooses to light. By accenting specific architectural features and decorative accessories, accent lighting is riskier, but can offer great results when designed correctly.

Kitchen remodeling can be difficult, but not if you have modern kitchen ideas in mind before starting. The utilization of space augmentation, kitchen resurfacing, and effective lighting can help your kitchen gleam with beauty. By adding your own personal touch while simultaneously maximizing efficiency, you can see a generous return on your investment.