Understanding Plumbing Better Three Items Plumbers Know How to Fix

Written by Blogger Help on December 9, 2013. Posted in Rubber grommets sizes, Small rubber grommets, Threaded standoff

Threaded standoffs

According to the Daily Mail, archaeologists working with the Israel Antiquities Authority have excavated intact plumbing from the garden of a wealthy family that dates back to the 10th century AD. Not only have these findings illuminated some of the ingenious plumbing methods used to create fountains and water displays at the time, but they also indicate that pipes of the time were built to last.

Today, most of us are lucky enough to have plumbing as a part of our home. Sometimes, though, things go wrong with these systems, and knowing what different parts and sections accomplish can help you keep your home well maintained without necessarily having to call a plumber. Here are three common items that every plumber would understand how to use.

1. PVC Plug

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